Monday, February 7, 2011

Setting The Record Straight

I guess I should preface this entry by clearing the air about my death....There's a lot of misinformation flying around this site, and I'm here to set it all straight.

1) I went to Thailand: This is true, I know I should have let you imaginary readers know beforehand but I just didn't know how to say goodbye...

2) I am now a zombie: partly true...while I did contract Solanum while exploring caves near the burmese border (pictured above) upon arrival at home I sacrificed my sugar glider to Chrolrotagar and my zombiecron levels are practically normal. This is also explains why I'm so bad at killing zombies in COD, it's not that I'm bad at the's that part of me still relates to those zombies and I just don't feel right killing them.

3) Brent is Ernie and I am Bert: False...I can only assume this was a typo by Brent

4) I am poor at Gemcraft, Street Fighter, and Pokemon: False...In fact it's quite the opposite. I am a street fighter/gemcraft/pokemon master (not to mention a hamster flying master). I didn't want to bring this up, but did you know Brent isn't even familiar with the newer generation pokemon???

I'm sorry...that was a low blow.


chantelle said...

I'd love to travel Thailand, my uncle has a few times and says its amazing.

and speaking of pokemon this spoof made me lol :)

Brent said...

Yeah, sure Thailand seems pretty cool, but if you heard my stories about upstate New York and almost going to the baseball Hall of Fame I bet you'd change your tune.

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