Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beard Present: The Gift that Keeps on Growing (Act 1: In The Beard-ginning)

Girl character: Hey, how was work dear.

Boy character: Well....I've got good news and bad news.

G: Hmm?

B: So you know how you say I'm too busy with working, and work-related activities and my job to have gotten to know your girlfriends?

G: Ummm..yes.
B: And you know the old saying "In trying economic times the very worst workers are the first to go?"

G: I don't think that's a saying... Wha- What? You got fired? Right before Christmas?
{Editor's note: This takes place right before Christmas.]

B: Yes....but the good news is that now I can spend more time with your girlfriends! Wait a minute....

{Stage directions: Boy character comically realizes that the good news is in fact bad news FOR HIM! What a crazy twist to end the act! He holds a Christmas ornament in his hand so tightly that it breaks! {Editor's note: Still before Christmas}}


mycouponbasket said...

Nice one indeed. Really loved it . Keep it up.

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